Round 9 Inch Disposable T Food Containers Aluminum Foil Tray with Plastic Lid

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Item No. 7 inch pan 8 inch pan 9 inch pan
Specification Top out dia.185mm Top out dia.215mm Top out dia.234mm
Top in dia.160mm Top in ida.195mm Top in dia.215mm
Base dia.142mm Base dia.175mm Base dia.200mm
Height 45mm Height 47mm Height 52mm
Capacity 720ml Capacity 1100ml Capacity 1400ml
Thickness 0.08mm Thickness 0.08mm Thickness 0.08mm
Weight 10g Weight 11g Weight 14g
Packing 500pcs/ctn Packing 500pcs/ctn Packing 500pcs/ctn

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